BookCover1-300x215If we asked people to choose from a list what they wanted most in life, and that list included “to love and to be loved unconditionally,” I lay odds that by far most people would choose that option. If mankind is in control of life, which is the underlying presumption of modern human cultures, how can the very thing we want most in life seem increasingly beyond our grasp? Indeed, over half of American adults now live alone.

Furthermore, if we were truly in control, would we be participating in activities that are threatening to denature the environment? And, is there a connection between our culture’s lack of unconditional love and pending disaster? I believe there is.

But to grasp it requires a paradigm shift in our perception of reality. Arriving at a new perspective on reality is not easy. Despite the spiritual alienation and habitat destruction that seem to so burden our world, we yet take great comfort and pride in the human progress represented by modern life. We are comforted, in fact, by our religious beliefs and ideologies, our dreams for the future, our national identities, and all the physical conveniences and technological advancements that make modern life seem so secure.

Such comforts are not easily given up. And the comfort most difficult to surrender is the belief that mankind, not life, is in control. But it can be done by human beings who are alive today and willing to accept that life is in control, and that human beings are here to take care of life, by caring for each other. Only in our recognizing that life is not about self, but about life, can we love, and be loved, unconditionally.

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