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E D E N – Regaining our Spiritual Freedom

by Chet Shupe

In a world where people want nothing more than to love and to be loved, why do we live virtually without intimacy?

As a young engineer, Chet Shupe never imagined he would someday develop a thesis that addresses a broad spectrum of sociological issues. At some point in mid-career, however, he was inspired to apply his background in system control theory to understanding how all species are self governed. The result is a unique viewpoint addressing issues that increasingly perplex mankind including, among other things, our lack of intimacy. Intimacy—that sense of being as one with others and with our surroundings, where living in the moment is as natural as breathing. If we want to love and to be loved, what is there about our way of life that prevents it?

From Shupe’s point of view, our loss of intimacy was concurrent with our metaphorical expulsion from Eden. At that point our rational minds usurped our intuitive minds’ authority regarding our relationships with one another and with the land. We thought, by authorizing contracts, both social and material, we could bring about the futures we had in mind. But reality resides in the present, not in imagined futures. All images of the future that supersede the normal rhythms and seasons of life, are fabrications of our imaginations. Trying to realize imagined futures by force of law has resulted in a way of life that is, in essence, a cerebral fantasy. Little wonder our habitat is at risk while billions suffer the isolation of lives lacking intimacy. Only by our intuitive minds can we save the habitat and return to a state of intimacy. According to Shupe, to honor our intuitions, we must anchor our lives in relationships, as we did in Eden, not in money and law.

After thousands of years of worshiping institutions, what might inspire us to again trust our lives to one another? The reward is intimacy. Indeed, spiritual trust is the only path to intimacy. But to do so, we must first understand how our loss of intimacy happened. In Eden—Regaining our Spiritual Freedom, Shupe strives to offer the reader the comprehension required to know the boundless love that comes of being true to ourselves in our relationships.


Eden – Regaining Our Spiritual FreedomBy

Chet Shupe

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