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Chet Shupe is a successful electronics engineer who once suffered profound attention deficit disorder (ADD). With ADD, social relationships baffled him. After years of bewilderment and depression, his condition was finally diagnosed, and effectively treated by the drug Ritalin. Suddenly, at 43, everything made sense.

Shupe emerged from ADD with a unique perspective on the way society functions. His engineer’s mind forced him to ask basic questions about how the brain is organized, why feelings exist, the origin of good and evil, the true dynamics of every relationship – whether between humans or countries – and how all of this relates to the wellbeing of humanity. For years, Shupe has pursued his inquiry with passion and conviction, ranging far into the intricacies of the modern social contract to question how well it is sustaining us, both individually and collectively. As a scientist, he bolsters every conclusion with logical and compelling examples. As a person of feeling and intuition, he expresses his hopes for humanity with genuine compassion and sincerity. As a whistleblower to the world, he speaks with urgency about the need to make fundamental, radical changes in our way of life, if we are to assure the eventual well being of humankind.

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