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Is Our Way of Life Sustainable?

BookCover• Can humans control their destiny?

• Do we have freewill?

• Is our species the focus of creation?

Our religious and legal institutions are based on the presumption that the answers to these questions are yes. If we hope to ever again live in concert with Nature, a requirement for our eventual survival, we had better be sure!

Chet Shupe is an engineer and researcher who has spent thirty years delving into these questions. In his groundbreaking book, Eden, Shupe provides answers that may be hard to face. But the gut reaction they produce tells many that he may very well be right.

Sure to engender controversy, Eden provides vivid glimpses of another life entirely—a sustainable way of life that allows humans to live together without sacrificing their spiritual freedom. A life in which living in the moment is as natural as breathing.

This book leaves no sacred cow untouched, yet Shupe’s arguments hit the nail dead-on, time after time. Even outraged skeptics struggle to counter his reasoning.

EDEN IS AN EXPOSÉ revealing the root causes of our intractable social, economic and political problems.

EDEN IS A CALL TO ACTION for those whose instincts have been telling them something is fundamentally wrong.

EDEN IS A MESSAGE OF HOPE about the resilience of the human spirit and its innate capacity for genuine intimacy, trust, and freedom.

“Are we, as a species, blindly spiraling to self-extinction? Perhaps. But by looking at things from the point of view of the species’ needs, rather than the individual’s, Eden unlocks the mystery underlying the issues that increasingly perplex us. It is a real eye-opener that could change everything.

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