Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

Q: When we lived in Eden, spiritual freedom – i.e., being true to our feelings – may have worked, but hasn’t the Earth’s population become too large to even consider it?

A: Nature will eventually determine if the human population is too large. The decision is not yours, mine, nor that of any government. One thing is certain: If we were attaining our needs directly from the land, our per capita requirement for resources would be miniscule compared to now.

Q: One of the most severe issues facing our society is the dysfunction of the modern family. How would spiritual freedom change that?

A: Humans are members of a social species. Were we bonded according to our feelings, rather than legal arrangements, we would form extended families referenced in our material and emotional need for one another. Based on the examples of other social species, a female bond would likely be the nucleus of a natural human family. The men would be there, by the grace of the women, to protect the women and their children.

Q: Presuming basic needs, what we want more than anything is to love and to be loved, yet we live in a world largely without relational intimacy. Why?

A: Intimacy results from interdependent relationships. In our natural state, before there were monetary and legal systems, we lived in intimacy, as we depended directly on others to secure our material needs. Now we depend on money and law, instead of on one another, to survive. The result is spiritual alienation and estrangement, not intimacy. Love is the reward we receive for being true to life in our relationships with one another. Love is not intentional, but instead happens to us. Were our survival dependent on those around us, we would find ourselves loving our brothers and sisters. But we depend on money and the law to survive, not on one another, which explains why we love our money and institutions, instead of people.


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